As a janitor or custodian, you make sure buildings of all shapes and sizes are always at their best, keeping them clean, orderly and well-maintained. Because looking good is good for business.


$20,903 - $32,465

Janitors and building custodians typically learn on the job and are not required to have a formal education, but high school courses in shop can be helpful for positions that require repair work.

You’re likely to frequently interact with people who live and work in the buildings you maintain, so good interpersonal skills are a must. General mechanical abilities are necessary for positions that require you to make routine repairs, and time-management skills are important to plan and complete tasks in a timely manner. You’ll also need to be comfortable spending a lot of time on your feet and potentially moving heavy supplies and equipment.

At this point you’re likely to have learned detailed information about the buildings and equipment you maintain. Your supervisor may begin to give you more responsibility on the job.

By the five year mark you may be asked to train coworkers who are just starting out. You may also be tasked with more complex and challenging daily tasks.

With additional experience you may have the opportunity to advance into a supervisory role. Some janitors and building custodians may choose to open their own business.


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