Floorhand, Driller, and Pusher

Floorhand, Driller, and Pusher

As a floorhand, driller or pusher, you’ll help make the most of our natural resources, providing support to scientists and engineers in exploring and extracting oil, natural gas and more.


$34,005 - $60,771

You’ll typically need an associate degree, or 2 years of training after high school in applied science or a science-related technology. Some jobs may require a bachelor’s degree.

You’ll need to be comfortable explaining complex ideas to others, both verbally and in written form. You’ll be responsible for identifying the correct ordering of information, using various types of technology on the job, and properly recording data.

You’ll continue to learn on the job, receiving additional guidance in other areas to broaden your skills. You may also continue to develop by participating in an apprenticeship or union training program.

Technicians may move towards supervisory roles and begin to train others. You may also learn to specialize in a skill.

You’ll likely continue to move up in the company and gain additional responsibilities. You may also choose to pursue further education to build your skills and advance your career.


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