Environmental Health Specialist

Environmental Health Specialist

In this job you’ll help make our environment safe, monitoring its well-being and investigating sources of pollution and contamination, including those affecting public health.


$32,617 - $53,246

You’ll normally need an associate degree to work in this field, and may choose to advance through education or training beyond this.

You’ll need a good understanding of science in your day-to-day projects. Strong written and spoken communication skills are also important to clearly and concisely report on your work to a variety of audiences.

You’ll most likely continue to work under a supervisor, participating in a variety of projects and continuing to expand your knowledge and skills.

By the five-year mark you may specialize in a certain topic or on a certain species. You may expect to be considered a subject matter expert in your particular area of focus.

By this point you may have advanced to a supervisory role. You may also decide to further your education in order to be qualified for more complex projects and continue to grow your career.


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